Only Use System When

My Business Turn BIG

We did not start a business for failling
But we all do believe our business will be successful

We do not want small business
but we believe the business will slowly become bigger

If you disagree of the statement,
you may close this page in case of
wasting your golden time to read the article

According to the record of Malaysia’s Registrar of Business, 95% of registered business are not able to run more than 3 years!
Unofficial data also said millions of new or old company collapsed every year.

There are lots of reason to explain why 95% of business failed
But, for the 5% of survived business, most of them have used system to organise.

Have we ever thought of
the reason why our business is not successfull,
that’s because we did not use system to organise?

Your Competitors Are

Kidnapping Your Business Now

by Using Data

In few seconds time, do you know how much products you will need to restock and what kind of products?

In few seconds time, do you know how many accounts are due by today? Which client and how much money can you get?

In few seconds time, do you know after 15 days, how much cash are on your hand, and how much cash is in your bank account are available?

Then can you know which product is the most sellable in just few seconds time? Which customer gave you the most business?

Everyone is now talking about data, but do you know the importance of data towards your business?

We might not have the biggest data, but, at least we need to have small data.

A set of good system can help you





The right judgement is from the right gist
The correct gist is from the data

What We Said, Doesn’t Count. Let’s Listen What Our Customers Say.

Biztory has improved tremendously over the months. It is easy to use with complete features and functionalities to run a business the modern way. Gone are the days where you need to wait for your account manager or go back to your office computer to retrieve up to date financial status. The support team is very helpful and efficient. I strongly recommend for every small and medium businesses.
Philip Loo

CEO, HAVVA Agrotech Sdn Bhd

很容易上手的一个系统。 就算我本身根本不会accounting, 但基本上只要跟着步骤做 最基本的开单就已经完成了。也能立马的看见cash flow、P&L、statement 等等的report。 除此之外 当我遇到关于如何选择对的tax的问题的时候 询问Biztory, 客服都会耐心的教导 服务相当不错。

最重要的是, 我不一定要要一台电脑来看着我的账, 我甚至可以用我的手机, 随时随地都能够使用Biztory。非常便宜又方便使用。


Business Owner, IO Lab

Jeffrey Tseng
我們用Biztory快一年了,真的是很划算,服務又非常親切! 推薦給大家!
Derek Bong - BIGIT
Almost one year with them, they are good! and it is really what they pledge! Easy and simple. Even when I have a very limited accounting background.
何俊希 - YSD Printing & Graphic Design
Biztory is the best,easy to use and have the free plan can try to unlimited,after use the free plan one month i direct take 1 year M plan.
Izzat Hanif Ishak - TrackerHero
User friendly accounting system, suitable for all type of small business owner. I’m satisfied with it features and functions that let me easily to manage my account. Thank you Biztory.
Chua Li Yee - Rtist
With Biztory, I can have a quick access into accounting system anytime, anywhere. It is very easy to use for me, who do not have accounting knowledge. Such user friendly system which you wouldn’t want to miss out, especially for new startup company.

“Don’t let others make decision for you!

Register a Biztory account now

and try out the full version for 30 days.

Let us know if we are right!”

Biztory Is A Verified Helpful New Technology

No more annoyance on automatic billing

Every single bill you have put out, Biztory will automatically correspond to the account. Then, it will regenerate into various reports, let you know more about the state of your business.

You don’t have wait for accountant to input to know whether you are making or losing money today. You don’t need wait for the warehouse staff report what’s sold out and need to be restock.

You will only need to sign in to Biztory, and all the information will be out. Letting you finish work quickly with speedy and correct verdict.

Simple and clear user interface

We always tell our customers, there are only two things to do with Biztory. Which are:

Sales invoice and purchase invoice

Now, if you sign up with our accounting package, you can even save up the time for keying in purchase invoice.

While using Biztory, you will only need to key in billing details. You don’t need to take care of the other stuff, giving more time on extending your business.

Elasticity and efficiency with cloudbase

Cloudbase technic bring us the elasticity and efficiency. Why do we say so?

You can now do you billing, reading reports, check out the state of your business, checking the stocksand more at anywhere and anytime now. You are free from time and space constraints.

We can update your version of Biztory right away for making sure you are using the latest version of Biztory. If you have any inquiries, we can also support you with no space limit, helping you to solve out the problems.

Feeling Lonely & Need Help?
Our Customer Service Is Always Here to Support You

High quality customer service is not WHO can give you a answer right away

But WHO will use their time to find you a right solution

30 days full version trial also included

our Lifetime customer service

You will only know once you try it