Exclusively for S plan users, and yes I mean YOU!

Exclusively for S plan users, and yes I mean YOU! Still using the same old S plan with limited features? This is the chance to say goodbye to the S PLan and say hello to our whole new M Plan package!
If you sign up before June 15th, you will get DOUBLE of your subscription for your upgrade from S Plan to M Plan! One year subscription will receive another year for FREE! Two year subscription will get another two years for FREE, and the promotion goes on!
But what’s so special about our new M Plan? Well then get ready to be surprised..

For more inquiries, please kindly contact us.

We can assure you that the M Plan is definitely worth your every penny. Upgrading now will guarantee you a significant increase in your work efficiency. SO....what features you can get instantly if you upgrade now?

S Plan

  • ✓ 2 Users Access
  • ✓ 50 Monthly Email Quota

M Plan NEW

  • ✓ Levelling Pricing
  • ✓ 5 Users Access, 500 Monthly Email Quota
  • ✓ Upload documents in your invoice
  • ✓ Stock transfer between branches
  • ✓Trial Balance
  • ✓ Telephone Support
Leveling pricing

This feature allows you to input different pricing for different customers in your business without the hassle of doing it individually anymore. With this, now different customers in your list can have different individual pricings.

Increase in email quota
and user access

From 2 users, you can now increase it to 5 users accessing Biztory. Also, M Plan will provide an increase of 50 to 500 monthly email quota! With this, Biztory can send more e-invoices for you to reduce your workload.

Upload documents
in your invoice

Unlike S Plan which only allows you to upload documents for expenses record, M Plan allows users to upload documents in other sections of the system, including quotations, invoices, and more.

Stock transfer
between branches

M Plan will help you in managing your stock between different branches. You can utilize the stock transfer function to switch stocks between different branches of your shops or company. The system will automatically record the stock amount for you when you’ve made changes.

Trial balance

M Plan also comes with trial balance function, which will help calculate your debit and credit balance of your account for you automatically thus saving you time and effort from doing it manually./p>

Telephone support for
technical issues

We provide telephone support for M Plan users when they face any problems and are in need of assistance. We will be available to M Plan users on Whatsapp and phone calls which can guarantee a faster and better response from us.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the new and improved M plan package now! Sign up before June 15th to get in on this amazing deal! If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Available during pre-sales only.

Make payment and enjoy the promotion!

Any remaining subscriptions from your S plan will be automatically converted to the M plan package for free,
on top of your buy 1 free 1 promotion.

How to Buy?

Note: We receive online transfer or Debit/ Credit card only.

Maybank Berhad
Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What will happen to my remaining subscriptions of my S plan package?

Any remaining subscriptions from your S plan will be automatically converted to the M plan package for free, on top of your buy 1 free 1 promotion.

How to make payment?

a) Debit/ Credit Card
Fill up the formwithout uploading any documents and we will contact you within 3 working days.

b) Online Transfer
We receive online transfer (select IBG) to our bank account (Maybank Berhad Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd 514196665617). Kindly fill up the form above after your payment. Our customer support will contact you within 3 working days. Don’t forget to upload the payment slip.

When will my system be updated after I have made the payment?

It will take two to three business days to confirm the bank transaction and we will update your system after the transaction is confirmed.

What is the amount that I need to pay?

The price for Buy 1 Year Free 1 Year is RM990. For Buy 2 year Free 2 Year the price is RM1980. For Buy 3 Year Free 3 Year the price is RM2970.

I have questions or parts that I don’t understand about this promotion, where can I go to look for more information?

You are welcome to ask questions through our Facebook Messenger or send us an email through “Ask Me Questions” or “Help” in our Biztory website.

What if I want to terminate my account after I have used only half a year of this promotion?

You will be able to terminate your account whenever you’d like however no refunds will be available once you do.