Simplify Your Accounting & Tax Estimator

Generate your key financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Account for
simplified accounting

Generate Key Financial Reports

Find out how is your business finance conditions

A click to generate Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, aging accounts in less than 30 seconds.

GST & SST Services in Our Financial Statement Preparation Software

Tax system included and always be ready

Biztory is both GST & SST compliant, in other words, the appropriate tax amount will be added based on your purchase invoice or sales invoice.

Tax Estimation in Biztory Tax Accounting Software

Estimate how much is your tax payable

Understand and forecast in advance how much tax you will need to pay in the coming tax season.

More features about Accounting

Update Your Accounting Journal & Ledger

All within Biztory software

Manage all your Sales, Purchase & General ledger accounts within the Biztory software.

Find Out Your Statement of Account

Determine if there are any overdue bills

Find out which account is on credit terms but overdue on bill payment. This will help you to determine which bill is overdue and which are not yet due.

Accounting Services

Professional accounting service available

Need extra help with your accounting service? We can help you with auditing and bookkeeping services, just drop us a message here.

See how Biztory can help you in these areas

Sales & Invoice


Purchases & Inventory

Accounting & Taxes

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