Hi, I’m Biztory.

Your Cloud Accounting Assistant.


Let Me Introduce About Myself

I am a Smart and Friendly Cloud-based Accounting Software for all SMEs.

I have successfully helped thousands of SMEs to modernize their business workflow in just 5 years’ time without the service of accountants.

Why Me?

I can be access anytime, anywhere

Able to access and check accounts and business whenever or wherever you are.

I am affordable

As low as RM390/year, now everyone can afford effortlessly.

I am easy to use

Simple and user-friendly interface for people without an accounting background.

I am trustworthy

Recognized by accountants and fully backed by 128-bit SSL data security.

I am trusted by thousands of business owners nationwide.

How Can I Help You?

I can send invoice effortlessly

Get rid of traditional handwritten bills by creating an invoice to customers within 1 minutes via email. 

I am able for real-time inventory tracking

Receive inventory updates no matter how far away from the warehouse.

I have simple and pretty business dashboard

Nothing is more important than knowing sales, expenses & the cashflow in order to better understand business performance.

I can help you in reduce workload by integrating with 3rd party apps

Auto sync transaction with partnerships software to reduce multiple workload.

I am always get ready for your tax submission

No worries of missing tax payment, because tax payable can be estimated accurately.

Get To Know Me Well

Hurry up to register our 14 days free trial to experience our seamless full set accounting journey!