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As a founder, there are many things needed to be considered before venturing out as an entrepreneur and starting a business. In our digital era, a coder can make a significant difference when it comes to creating a startup.

Most startups have great ideas or concepts but are unable to bring them to fruition without hiring external help. They are reliant on being able to convey their ideas to the hired programmer and hoping that the finished product matches their vision.

Coder-founders on the the other hand can see their product through from the start and build their own ideas from scratch. They then have more creative control and are more familiar with the strengths and limits of their product.

We looked up 10 startups that were founded by coders and we asked them their opinions on if their background in coding had anything to do with how their startup runs now and if it served any noticeable advantage or made any difference.

Biztory is a cloud-based POS with Inventory Management and Reporting access in one click, allowing a business to manage anything in real time so long as there is an internet connection. Founder Bryan Soong mentioned how being a tech person himself, he finds it more comfortable to code himself rather than getting someone to do it.

“Aside from costing issue, having full control of the product is crucial and critical to me. I would want to have the freedom to set the direction of my product and pivot it as dynamically as possible if I have the capability to do so.”

He believes that since tech is a must for most startups nowadays, having coding knowledge enables startups to build prototypes and validate ideas quickly, iterate fast and of course, a better bargaining power when it comes to fundraising.

“I see many startups have great ideas but always face issues when scaling the product simply because they do not have an expert for their tech. Moreover, digital marketing is also the mainstream method now and it is always more efficient to have a tech on board.”

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