Sharing is Caring

On January 9th, Mystartr has hosted the launching ceremony of the 2020 Investment Megatrend Equity Crowdfunding Opening Ceremony at The Garden Theater. There were 5 entrepreneurs who shared their equity crowdfunding project and future plans to the potential investors who visited. Biztory is also one of the five companies who participate in this equity crowdfunding cam. The founder of Biztory, Bryan Soong also shared the crowdfunding project plan on the spot with the participants.

【Entrepreneurs’ sharing

During the pitching session, Bryan had shared the importance of cloud technology and proving that Biztory can become more successful in the upcoming years, with the estimated 13x return after 3 years because there are more than 300 million markets in Malaysia waiting for Biztory to explore. In the event, there were 5 entrepreneurs at the scene who took turns to present their briefings to attract more investors to invest in their own companies. After the pitching presentation, we all agreed that self-confidence is very important because of self-confidence is the first impression we give to others.

【Enthusiastic response】

After the event, there was another round where investors are able to ask us anything that is related to their companies on solving the problem. Our team was occupied due to many investors came to our booth to request for more information, thus resulting in eating lunch at 3 pm. Although the situation was pretty hectic, I am still very happy and satisfied, because there were many potential investors who are interested in our crowdfunding project and actively want to know more about Biztory.

【Come to an end

Overall, the event went quite smoothly. Besides that, Biztory is able to introduce the brand to people to acknowledge Biztory and as well as to understand our ongoing projects through this crowdfunding event. Our crowdfunding has raised more than 1 million in just one week, which is a very important milestone for us. The whole process is very hectic and compact. Investors are constantly calling, and everyone is working very hard to follow up on the investors. Bryan keeps encouraging everyone to do the final sprint on Facebook. Although we are exhausted, our efforts have not been in vain. Seeing everyone in the company working together towards the same goal is really fulfilling. We succeeded, and Biztory became the first ECF project in Mystartr Equity Crowdfunding platform to achieve the final crowdfunding goal! At the beginning of 2020, we have achieved exciting results. Although the process was busy and tiring, everything is worth it. In the future, everyone will keep the momentum and heading towards the same goal!

by JH