Sharing is Caring

Hello from Biztory! New month new features guys! We have come out 6 new features which can help you get more easily dealing with accounting and numbers


  1. You can now upload imgae or document onto your invoice.
    Always wonder if we can come out with a feature where you can upload your signature then so you don’t need to sign in all papers? Yes, we have it now! Wanna see the steps? Click here.
  2. Want to add some extra information to your invoice’s remarks?
    Do you have extra information which you would like to add into your invoice receipt? You can do it now! There are two ways you can do it, wonder how it works? Click here to check it out!
  3. Share your receipt through WhatsApp immediately by one click!
    Always thinking it takes time and steps to send all receipt through WhatsApp to your customers? We are thinking in your way, Once you have done keying in all the information and paid the payment, you can click the “WhatsApp” button and our system will bring you to your WhatsApp page. Well, do you know you are able to choose who to send too? Click here and you will see the tutorial 

  4. Upload your receipt or related image to your invoice.
    Afraid your receipt will be missing? Now we have a feature where you can save your image into your invoice, it will stay in the system unless you choose to delete them. If you are a forgetful person, this is just right for you! Excited to try it out? Click here. 
  5. Simply styling your own invoice’s numbering.
    Bored of the font and format? We have added some wording feature into Biztory, it helps you to stands out the key words and more, take a try in here.
  6. Email your payment receipt In fast track.
    Wanted to send your payment receipt just by one click? You can do it in Biztory too! We have added a new button in blue which helps you send your payment receipt in fast track! Click in here to find out how fast could it be.