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In the upcoming 1st of March, Biztory will launch the Tax Estimator which is an In-app feature with the cooperation from RW William PLT. The main purpose to launch this is to ease the tax problems were usually faced by SME’s business owners. 

MoU Signing Ceremony with RW William PLT

During the Investor Appreciation Night where Bryan (CEO of Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd) invited RW William on stage to have an MoU Signing Ceremony. A meaningful signing ceremony held as a formal agreement between two or more parties as between companies and organizations to have MoU to establish an official partnership. 

MoU Signing Ceremony

What is Tax Estimator?

Biztory users will see a pop-up feature when they using Biztory software. This pop-up feature will alert users to notice about their estimated payable taxes which they need to pay. When users click the pop-up, users will be direct to the WhatsApp of the professional accountant in RW William PLT. Then, they may seek for enquiry about tax payment problem with the professional for advice and guidance. As a result, users can more easily and clearly understand the taxes which they need to submit and avoid the government penalty.

Why is it important to know well of company taxes?

All private companies must submit their company taxes on time every year. However, some businessmen may not be clear about their company taxes which they need to submit every year or they may estimate the company taxes by themselves. This may lead them to the incorrectly underestimating tax amount and will get penalties. Therefore, the Biztory Tax Estimator calculates and provides users with the tax amount of their business and provide more information about the tax amount, so that users can understand the company’s taxes.

RW William PLT

RW William PLT is a Professional Chartered Accountants where all employees are professionally trained Tax Consultants and SST Consultants. The main services that the company provides are Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Sales and Service Tax (SST). RW William PLT was formed in the year 2003, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. RW William PLT is well known because of their professional attitude and services. They started to expand their company. RW William PLT has opened many branches in different states of Malaysia (Penang, Johor, Ipoh, etc.). RW William PLT also has branches in Thailand and Singapore.