Sharing is Caring

Biztory has organized a Biztory Equity Crowdfunding Sharing at Co3 Social Office on 26 October 2019. We have invited several Biztory’s subscribers and investors to attend our Biztory equity crowdfunding sharing to understand about the ECF campaign. We are grateful for the attendance of Mystartr’s founder, who is also Dream Factory’s founder, Mr. Goh Boon Peng who have shared his experience and talked about Equity Crowdfunding and also relevant investment guidelines.

Mystartr Equity Crowdfunding Sharing

Equity crowdfunding is a company that sells certain shares to ordinary investors. Investors will gain future profits by investing in the company. During the sharing, Mr. Goh has presented some information regarding equity-based crowdfunding, the types of investors and the information investors should know so that future investors are able to have a deeper understanding of ECF.

Understanding of Biztory Equity Crowdfunding project

Then, proceeding to the next session, which was said to be the highlight of the day – it’s called Biztory Equity Crowdfunding Campaign sharing. In this sharing session, the mic was passed to our Biztory founder, Bryan Soong to elaborate on the Biztory Equity Crowdfunding project and more crowdfunding content. Bryan has presented Biztory Equity Crowdfunding project in detail and has also provided updates on the development of Biztory, the profit brought by Saas business model, analyzed Biztory Equity Crowdfunding package, and the future direction.

Estimated 1300% ROI in the next 3 years

Bryan has shared several points of view on how Biztory could achieve the estimated 1300% ROI in the next three years. First, increase customer awareness, by providing trial to purchase with efficient customer acquisition strategy (15% conversion rate). Second, the growth of recurring income from the 3 years profit model. Third, the break-even point that strengthens investor confidence. And last, the existence of a professional team behind a project and Bryan’s mentor, Mr How – Founder and Managing Director of UBS Accounting Software who has advised and guided Bryan throughout the whole campaign so that it can go further and higher.

Warm Response from the audience during Q&A

The audiences have paid their utmost concentration during the sharing by jotting down the keypoint and questions to be asked, so that they could get a better understanding of Biztory’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. When it comes to the sharing session, the audience have taken their opportunities to raise questions related to the campaign, which have prompted the atmosphere of the event to be rather vibrant, especially when Mr Goh and Bryan worked together and solved the doubts and questions raised, to ensure that everyone’s doubts are cleared before leaving the event. Then, after the completion of the event, everyone was instructed to make their move to the dining area to enjoy lunch and refreshments that were prepared beforehand for further sharing session.

Throughout the event, we have all kept to the responsibility and role that were given, and have also assisted each other in completing our tasks, so that the whole event could be done and flowed smoothly. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our investors who have showed their strong support to our Equity Crowdfunding campaign which has pushed our campaign to another level of success.