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Biztory is a cloud based solution for small businesses to manage business operations effortlessly with informed performance metrics for making concise business decisions.

Developed by a Malaysian-based company, Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd, the smart business assistant enables users to easily manage their workloads in billing, inventory, customers and vendors’ management, GST-related matters as well as business marketing management with a few simple clicks.

It intends to build an intelligent and adaptable business management system for small business owner to help run their business in a simple way while maintaining a professional look that is MBA styled.

The product extracts knowledge from experts in different domains such as accountants, tax expertise, business consultants and transform into system intelligence so that end-users could run it without any of the aforementioned professional know-how.

Biztory studies the users’ behaviour and modifies their experiences by applying machine learning techniques and data science analytics.

The product aims to overcome issues small businesses normally have to deal with in their daily operations, such as tasks and routines full of messy documentation with no SOP or proper system put into place for their sales, stocks ordering, purchasing, customers’ record, etc.

With their hands full of tedious paperwork combined with the lack of comprehensive data at their disposal, many small businesses are unable to analyse their businesses and obtain the facts and figures related to their performances easily, which causes their traditional businesses to be difficult to scale or passed down to the younger generation.

For older customers, not being computer savvy and not having certain professional knowledge in accounting makes the thought of running their businesses with a computer system completely unthinkable and daunting.

Biztory allows any user to easily master the product within a few simple steps as the system has automated the majority of the work, reducing their workload to data-entry and making paperwork redundant. The product tries to humanise its technology by making it visually appealing, with minimalist designs.

Source: https://e27.co/biztory-lets-small-businesses-deal-gst-matters-simple-way-20160711/