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Surprise! Biztory has partnered with Hong Leong Bank! Have you heard? Hong Leong Bank has allocated RM2.5 billion to help out SMEs and is planning to reach out to over 5000 SMEs! Are you excited? Because we definitely are!

Biztory have always believed in programs and companies that help save all SMEs cost and also effort, and we had the privilege to be one of the first to join Hong Leong bank’s “Ignite Empowering SMEs” program! Biztory was there alongside all the other amazing companies, like Kakitangan, Simple Tax and Digital advert!

5 of us from Biztory also had the privilege to attend the event and watch the launch in Menara Hong Leong! Were you also watching our Facebook live? We filmed the entire launch for our subscribers to be there with us virtually! But if you missed out, do not worry, below are some photos throughout the event!

We also have a few words said by our team who went to the event at the end of this post just for laughs, so, keep reading on!

There were only three of us, including our founder who got to watch the event live, as the other two of our colleagues had to be at our Biztory booth outside! We got seated right in the middle at the last row. Definitely the perfect spot for us to film our Facebook live as well.The official launch with a blast of confetti! The room was filled with excitement and claps for the launch of this event!

Hong Leong Bank provided us with a booth outside to educate everyone more about Biztory!

Group managing director and CEO Domenic Fuda with Biztory’s founder, Bryan Soong!

Our amazing team! All of us definitely had fun watching the launch. Here are some words we all have to say about the event, just for laughs!


Bryan Soong (Founder)

“We had a glitch with our Facebook live because the two colleagues who were doing the recording got shocked because of the blast of confetti and the phone shooked like there was an earthquake! The confetti also fell all over my trousers, and as I was sweeping it off, I realised the camera was right in front of me recording! There was also a really kind lady who got to know about Biztory in our booth outside and signed up with us right away! She even promoted us to her friends and Mr Dominic! Thank you for your enthusiasm, we are always happy to hear when people tell us that Biztory could help so many people!”. 


I was expecting a ball where everyone touches for the event launch, just like in TV shows! But I realised it was a screen they touched instead and it was pretty unique. The food they provided was great, and it was definitely distracting the rest of my colleagues.”


“The event launched was extremely cool! All the leaders were touching the screen and they had a blast of confetti, it was as if they had superpowers!”


“The choices for desserts were definitely great! I tried so many of them and seriously felt like I had gained 3kgs! Thank you Hong Leong Bank for filling our tummies!”


“The event was really cool as it was my first time ever attending something like that! It’s also great to meet so many people, and of course, the amount of food definitely distracted me! Hahahaha!”

Lastly, every partnership we have with other companies is definitely something for us to be proud of. We hope to bring all SMEs more partnerships that really could help grow their business! We have three new great features in collaboration with Hong Leong bank, the first being an easier payment method, the second is bank reconciliation, and of course, the JOMPay feature! To find out more, you can click here

Trust me, you won’t regret it! Join us now!


The Biztory team.