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Entrepreneurship has taken a risky yet adventurous turn this decade. Many people are attracted to this art. The way the world is developing has a lot to do in this matter. There is room for everything and that is why people don’t fear to experiment with different ideas. What they don’t think of how to manage employees, sales, and salaries. Naïve businessmen don’t give it much thought all they care about is setting up a fine business. But once everything is established, the management of huge concern and qualified plus strategic people are required to cater all of the stuff.

What areas of an organization needs management?

Starting from human resource management, to hiring, salaries of the employees, and watching over the daily, monthly and annual sales, managers have to keep an eye on everything. If you have set up a business that requires two to three people to manage it, it is not a tedious task to give them payrolls and count the annual sales. But as your business grows so does your problems. Suppose you have hundreds, or if your business is spread internationally, thousands of employees, can you manage their salaries, leave approvals, appraisals, promotions, and many other things?

No, you cannot, it is genuinely not possible for a person to manually do it. That is why big businesses and organizations integrate with Biztory to manage their HR. Biztory collaborate with kakitangan to provide easy ways to access and manage stuff like salaries, application leaves, etc. As we talked about this decade and how it has shaped the businesses, it is important to talk about the changes it has brought. The trading world has expanded exponentially and so needs for new and more people in the field. As the demand increases, the need to cater to them properly is also significant.

How Biztory help you manage sales and employees?

It all comes down to cloud storage. Ideal accounting software like kakitangan helps you manage it all online. All you have to do is insert the complete information of your employees and link them with appropriate formulae. The rest of the work is easy. As sales occur, these are registered online in the cloud, and in the end, are automatically calculated and analyzed. Similar is the case of employees’ salaries, HR links individual bank accounts to the software, and ultimately with one command, salaries are transferred.

Let’s explain this case with an example to make it clear. The manager creates a list in the cloud and inserts a formula regarding leave status. When an employee requests leave, the system checks whether he has a vacancy or not. It’s like a sensor in a water tank, as soon as the water level hits the sensor, it alarms the user to turn off the water supply. Similarly, if the person has availed the maximum leave quota, the software will automatically reject the application and the employee will not be granted an off day. With this, it is safe to say that technology has eased the life and journey of entrepreneurs.