Sharing is Caring

We have heard many stories, from entrepreneurs and employees who really really struggled to work in startup companies. Many who have problems dealing with stress, many who work overtime on projects and have had countless sleepless nights. Everything is fast-paced, and there are plenty of deadlines to meet as well. You are not alone, we are all dealing with the same things too.

There are many comments about working in startup companies. Some, which are good, some which are bad. Our team in Biztory works really hard, and we aim to help many more SMEs all over Malaysia, and hopefully help SMEs all around the world in the future too. We have that stress, that pressure to be the best we can ever be, and many competitors that we have to compete with. But, how do we all cope here?

Laughter: As the famous saying quotes “ Laughter is the best medicine”. Our team in Biztory really believes in that. Even though we are a fast-paced company, we also have many waves of laughter together to go through our hard times together as a team. We understand how everyone has their stress and deadlines to meet, but laughter is always the best cure. As long as you make an effort for a positive environment together, everyone on the team will feel a lot more motivated!

Encouragement: Our founder, Bryan have told us once “ It is always important to encourage one another if you think that your colleagues have done a great job. Always encourage them, and compliment them”. We believe that this is important, as it’s always good to appreciate your colleagues and value them. We are all human beings anyway, and of course, it is great for our work to be appreciated! We should always live our lives by being kind, by encouraging one another, this really helped us all to work better as a team.

Monthly recap: Our team at Biztory always has a monthly recap, where the whole team gets to sit together to share our work and also our struggles with it. This is also where the previous word “encouragement” comes in. Our monthly recaps are always the time where we get to really encourage each other and help each other out. It’s good to know and understand your colleague’s struggles, and help each other out! For those kepochis( nosey people) out there, this is also the time for you to understand what your colleagues have done for the past month!

Brainstorm together: Whether it’s a blog post, Bizkolah (hint: coming soon) or an idea for a title for something, we always sit together and really brainstorm together. This is the best part of work, as it is the most fun part! We understand that everyone has different personalities, and the ideas that everyone has is different. It’s always exciting to hear the IT guy’s perspectives, our founder’s perspectives, our sales person’s perspectives, and many more! The different set of skills that we have is something that we should all be proud of, and this is where we get the best ideas from!

Lastly, we hope this article gives you an insight into our how crazy, fun team works! We work hard to help all SMEs and business owners out there with only a team of 8. Using Biztory really helps to reduce a lot of workload and stress, as you can just record your accounting in just a click away. Why record your sales, expenses, etc. in a traditional way when you can use Biztory to offload your work and keep yourself and your employees happy? That’s for you to really think about!


The Biztory team