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In just a blink of an eye, May is over and another brand new month is starting! Time flies huh?

We hope you had the best month, with all the changes going around for the betterment of Malaysia!

This section is completely new, and it is a space to educate our new subscribers on all the new features we released every month!

So, keep a look out for new features on this page every month end! Let us now tell you what’s new with us in the month of May.

  1. “Read Only” is now available!

We’ve heard our customers, and we have finally implemented the ” Read-only ” feature in Biztory! This feature will only allow users who are selected to read the files in Biztory, and they are not allowed to edit it. To see how to use this feature, you can follow these steps below : 

If you choose a role with “Read Only”. Your user can only read your files and won’t be able to edit it if you set their roles as “Read only

First Step: Click on your profile icon on the top right, and click on “My Users”

   Second Step: Select the user you want and click on the “Edit’ button.

   Third Step: Scroll down until you see the “Read Only” bar, and select yes.

   Fourth Step : Save

All our tutorials can also be found on our tutorial page here
2.  Product import including stock is now here!

We’ve always had a feature where our subscribers could import their products into our system. But, we did not use to have the stock feature, and now, we do! You can adjust your stock counts simply and easily now!

3. You can now download your billing history.

There is now an upgrade for our billing system! In our latest update, the subscription page will include a new billing button where you can download your billing history.