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For any business, one of the most important things is the payment process and receiving customer’s payment. There are instances when the payment is delayed from the consumer. Then there are times when your payment processing is a touch slow, and it can lead to frustration. For any company, getting payments promptly is crucial and you would be looking to do everything possible to boost the process.

Most of the time, people suggest the use of accounting software because of the fact that they boost up the accounting process. However, there are only a few that can actually help you in receiving your money faster. Biztory sees the need of the hour and understands that companies nowadays need a touch more than just regular account managing solution. So, giving a burst to all your procedures, you can actually get the customer’s payment faster by implementing this solution in your business.

How can Biztory help you in receiving payments faster?

A question usually stands in the mind that how accounting software can assist you in receiving faster payments? What will they do to the receiving process? It is fairly alright that the solution would analyze your accounting and aids you in faster and smoother processing of the payment. But how is it possible for a person to get the payment in no time?

Well, it is because the Biztory has an affiliation with Hong Leong Bank. Because of the affiliation and mutual agreement, the bank regards any payment that comes to the Biztory client, and they would process the payment faster than the other ones. In this way, the payment which previously took a few days to be transferred would now take from a few hours to a day or so for the transaction completion.

But why faster payments?

Another question that may pop in your head is that why you need a faster payment system? How will it help your company and business? Well, the faster you receive the payment, the shorter you have to wait for things to settle. As soon as you receive the payment, you can initiate the order or process the things that are awaiting payment. Moreover, there are instances when you would be looking to purchase a supply or do similar other chores. Faster payments would give you quick money on hand, and you’ll be able to proceed with the orders and deliveries quickly.

Why Biztory?

Apart from giving you faster payment processing, Biztory has much to offer. You get your accounting made simple as the solution is very handy for analyzing the sales and preparing audit reports. You also get the tax calculation and similar other features that make Biztory and thorough accounting solution for the businesses. Moreover, you can calculate the taxes without any hassle and pay your bills with ease. What else? Biztory gives you a chance to try out their software without paying anything, and you can start your free trial today!