Sharing is Caring

Want to start out a business but have doubts due to very little capital or none at all? Well, it isn’t impossible on starting a business without investments but it will take much hard work that you know will be worth it in the end.

Do better than other businesses.

The less money you have, the harder you will have to work. Don’t expect customers to show up giving you business if you don’t go out there and search for them. Starting a small business gives you chances to take risks as you aren’t a well known brand yet. Take this opportunity to test different ways on how to expand and boost your business and treat it as a sort of trial period. But don’t put everything on the line, stay cautious.

Put your skills to good use.

Skills are always an important asset to have. Having skills means that you don’t require a product, because your services are the product. Starting a service business could mean you could use your experience or expertise in a certain field and profit off of it. For example, if you think you’re strong in the field of writing, you can create content for people. Or if you know another language, you can be a translator. There are many ways to put your skills to good use, you just have to find which is most suitable for you. 

Time is money.

If you don’t have money, the least you could do is give your time and full attention to your business. This is particularly important if you don’t have enough capital, because at least then you will have enough time to save your business when something goes wrong.

Do your market research.

On top of having a good business idea, having an idea where you stand in the market is also very helpful. Market positioning will show you roughly where you’re placed amongst your competitors and can help you see whether your business has a niche in the market. If there is a business out there similar to yours, make your business can do something your competitor can’t. 

Profit then expand.

Starting your business with zero capital is hard but not impossible. How? Simply by not spending money. Avoid spending money you don’t have on unnecessary marketing or advertising because nowadays, social media is free (if you don’t pay for advertisements) and you can search online for free templates. Your business doesn’t have to look big if it isn’t so avoid wasting money until you have made enough to improve and expand.

Make use of social media.

As stated before, social media is the pinnacle of advertising and marketing in this digital day and age. This is particularly important when your business starts out with little to no capital. If you don’t have the money to hire a team, it’s important to create demand. Create written, audio, or visual content that may help you push your business out there. It’s free, you just need to take a lot of time in setting everything up yourself in the beginning and slowly hire a team to do it for you later.

Ideas over resources.

Most people think that you need a lot of money to start a business. Through certain circumstances, it is not necessary to have a big capital. If you’re very sure your business will make money as it’s considered a need in society, you can worry about investments and growing your business later.


As simple as the name, reselling is when you help a company sell its product/service through a third party. Not only do you receive a commission, but you get to push your product/service out and spend very little on marketing and advertising!

Make bold initial moves.

The best part of starting a small business is the risk taking. You can start taking risks others can’t and this is a great advantage. This doesn’t mean you can simply make decisions without thinking twice about it, but you can take risks and not suffer as much as most companies do. How businesses succeed is by making hard decisions and seeing that it will all be worth it in the end. 

Start with good ideas.

Only you can decide what your business should be based on your passion, knowledge, and expertise. But before starting your business, ask yourself these questions. Does your service/product solve a recurring issue in society? How do customers benefit from purchasing your products/services? Do you have an added advantage against your competitors? By narrowing down your target market and establishing your business’ position in the market, you will be able to succeed without needing much capital.

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