Sharing is Caring

As you are on your journey to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals, there will be hardships and conflicts to test your passion and determination. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you will not walk an easy life, but you are not going to be alone. Many others are walking their path in the same way as well, just like there will be many others reading this paragraph while you are doing it too. Thus to help out the community, here are a few tips that are important for you guys to keep in mind! 

1) Be brave, but also prepared for the worse 

Once you have chosen this path, you should already be prepared for hardships and pressures from a lot of different parties. The path of entrepreneurships are not easy, and failure can be a very essential subject in this path. Although essential, it is also crucial, because there won’t be any success and accomplishments if failure does not come by. A true entrepreneur will not let some failures control their mindset and determine their future plans. 

2) You can never have too much of acquaintance 

As someone in the field, there will never be enough of acquaintance to keep you in business. Your networking will give you valuable connections, which may help your company to survive during the hard times, and become your powerful allies from there on. Keep a record of them, ask for their advice, and keep in touch with them, is the technique. Soon when you are on the other side already, it will be other start-ups turn to try and keep your contact, and it will be your turn to bring them up in the market.   

3) Know your specialty

It is important to know your specialty, and what the market needs. By identifying these important points, you can pinpoint your unique selling point, and hit the sweet spot in the market. This is very important for many entrepreneurs as identifying yourself and the market will give you a better view of your company’s condition, and conduct a better marketing strategy overall. 

4) Stay hungry for knowledge

“Learning” is a non-stop progress that you should keep in mind. Even after you brought your business up to the level, you should always listen to other people’s opinion, ready to accept criticism, and learn from every aspect possible. Constant learning will guarantee constant improvement to yourself and your company, thus learning while working it out in the market is a task for a successful entrepreneur.  

5) Leave earning and profits behind… first

As you are starting your business, it is an amateur’s thinking to aim for profit straight away, as everybody knows that you will face constant financial problems during the beginning stage. The initial stage of a business should not aimed for profit right away, but added value for your company instead. These value is a bonus if it is in terms of profit, but usually it will comes in the form of trust, performance record, and exposures. 

6) Take care of your survival

Although profit and earning should not be your main objectives during the first stage, it is also essential to take care of you and your company’s survival. While maintaining the company’s progress, there should be enough earnings for you to sustain your company and yourself, through one way or another. It can come from a part-time job you take outside, or a low earning offer from a client, whichever works. 

7) Listen to others, and be like water

“Be like water” is Bruce Lee’s concept in life, which means to adapt to different environments and thinking, and constantly adjust yourself to better suit the way of your pursue. This is definitely the case here too, as the market is constantly changing. Being able to change necessarily and adapt to the trend and catching up with the new technologies and information can guarantee you a better position in the market compared to those that did it slower. 

8) You are the most important asset of yourself

There is no meaning to your success if you cannot make it to the end yourself. You should never give up your health just to perfect your company. So make sure you get enough sleep, eat enough for your stomach, and get enough rest to free yourself from the stress, pressure and sickness. If you are doing good in life, your company will move along with you in the market, and vice versa. 

9) Find a useful tool to help you manage your business efficiently

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All these are some tips on being a good entrepreneur and business owner, which you should take in as an advice and reconsider your working mindset and schedule if you have not done it. Another tip is to remember to check out Biztory all-round function to better your working performance and not waste time on doing more unnecessary work. Always remember to not give up, stay hungry and brave, and you will never be alone.