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On 12th March, Biztory and Wofollow team cooperated to shoot the latest Biztory promotional video. We started to discuss the concept and storyboard of the promotional video before the shooting starts. The Wofollow team showed their professionalism throughout the whole discussion and meeting and made sure we understand what will be ongoing while shooting later.

Preparation before shooting starts

The shooting location was at the Reactor Campus. All talents have to be there by 9 am therefore all of us woke up very early on that day. When we arrived at the shooting location, the Wofollow team was setting up the shooting scene. The Wofollow team had arranged a big lorry to send their large size shooting equipment such as lighting, tripod, cameras, and others. They also arranged a makeup artist and hairstylist for the talents. The makeup artist and hairstylist started to do make up for the talents especially for Shayna, our main character for the promotional video to show the most beautiful and handsome side in front of the camera. Now, I know that makeup on the face also makes an important role as a stylist and makeup can bring on the character features. 

Accident before shooting

Shayna bought a checkered coat for the shooting day but the checkered coat cannot be worn for the shooting.  This is due to the checkered coat will show a blurry pattern when recording through the camera. Thus, the hairstylist designed a mature hairstyle for Shayna to show the character she plays. And, Bryan did not prepare his coat for the shooting therefore he rushed back to his home to get his coat before his scene.


The preparation took around one and a half hours to set up and the Wofollow team started the shoot immediately after everything was ready without hesitation. They started to clear the scene and set up the green screen settings. The whole green screen set up brings the feel of we are in shooting right now at that moment and we get excited. 

In the beginning, the Wofollow team explained the instruction patiently and professionally to all talents. The first part of shooting was all about our main character, Shayna. During her scene, she played well in acting as everything was about CG effect to key in the motion graphic when post-editing. CG is the English abbreviation of computer graphics, graphics replaced by software, including art, used to design web pages, 3D animation, film, and television special effects, multimedia technology, etc.

The scene was taking time and time for the perfect shot as each keyframe of the shoots are very important for the post-production. With this, we feel the team spirit of the production to take care of their own position in order to complete the shots. 

Continue with Bryan’s shot. Yes, the founder of Biztory, Bryan was also one of the talents of the day. However, today he played the character as a salesman while Shayna played the boss character. While the shooting is ongoing, Bryan teased Shayna and told her that Shayna can request him to do things for this whole day during shooting as she is the boss for the day. 

For what I see, I feel that cooperation between talents and the whole production team is playing a big role to make a shooting succeed. The cameraman had to pay attention to requests from the director and the talents had to give full cooperation to the team as well. All talents keep repeating their movement and actions. For example: walking, turning around, smiling again and again to meet the Director’s expectation.

For a scene of 4 talents where it only took a few seconds in the video, the director still makes sure everything in the scene was perfectly fine from the indoor decoration, lightning, position, posture and talent’s expression. All these tiny details will make a video look differently in feel. Therefore no matter it was just a short scene, Wofollow team still makes sure that the scene is decorated nicely and arrange in order. 

Cut! It’s a wrap!

The shooting took about 6 hours, which ended earlier than our expected duration of 9 hours. During shooting, we keep listening to the director shouting “Do it again” repeatedly. All talents repeat again and again patiently by following the instruction from the director. Everyone kept waiting for the director to say “Ok! Pass!”. It means that we can proceed to the next scene. 

At last, the whole promotional video shooting ended smoothly. We can express that the Wofollow team is very professional, patient and responsible for each task they are handling. We admire the patience and professionalism of the Wofollow team, and thanks to them for their hard work too. Now, the post production’s turn in putting their effort to edit the video. Therefore, stay tuned to our promotional video!